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As healthcare professionals, we take the risk of infectious diseases very seriously and we want to make sure you know what steps we are taking to protect your health.

As of June 2021, the Department of Health communicated that it is safe for our facilities to phase back into on-site services.

This allows us to offer two options:

  1. On-site services for those that would like to join us at the center. We are so glad to be able to welcome all our current as well as new clients to the center!
  2. Telehealth services for clients who prefer to remain at home.

Returning to the facility will let us get back to the camaraderie and social interaction we were used to before our facility closed. We are also ready to provide clinical care in the setting that you are familiar with. We are very excited to continue to provide the diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services, under medical and nursing supervision, to meet the needs of our Medical Day Care family without sacrificing your safety or well-being. We are taking steps to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 exposure through employee and client monitoring, not allowing visitors or vendors in the building, upgrading safety policies, and increasing access to hygiene items throughout the facilities. We have implemented many protocols in this regard; for example, COVID-19 vaccination education, stay at home symptoms education, social distancing – (6 feet) markings, frequent cleaning and disinfecting procedures for the facility and vehicles, mask-wearing, frequent handwashing, multiple hand sanitizing stations, an isolation area for anyone that develops a concerning symptom, and COVID-19 testing accessibility. We are ready to welcome back our previous clients and provide a warm reception to our new clients!

For our telehealth service, we are providing many of the same services clients get at our facility, such as meal delivery. We are helping our clients with deliveries of essential supplies and medication, to ensure continued access to necessary medical supplies without increased exposure. Clients can take part in our fun and stimulating activities remotely through various online platforms.

We are responding to the science of COVID-19 as it evolves, by meeting regularly to review updates from both the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and implementing any changes and recommendations that should help us reduce the risk to patients. We are focused on implementing best practices and aware that those may change as we learn more about this virus.

We welcome you to call us with any questions you may have.

Now open and offering in-person as well as telehealth options. Call 914-376-1111 for more information.